What is everybunny saying about the philly rabbit run?


As seen on TV...

 CBS3 Philly Rabbit Run.  Anita Oh Reporter.  CBS3, News KYWTV.  Apr 15 2017

NBC10 Philly Rabbit.  April 12, 2017

CBS3  Philly Rabbit Run Helps Fight Parkinson’s Disease.  Anita Oh Reporter.  CBS3, News KYWTV . March 26, 2016.

FOX29 Shake It Off Group Funds Research & Stresses Benefit of High-Intensity Exercise. March 24, 2016. 

ME.TV WHYY Larry Mendte Show. Mar 19 2016 

What "They" are saying...

​​​'New tradition takes place at the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday before Easter', How to Celebrate Easter in Philadelphia.  Parachute. Mar 23, 2016. Jeff Birou

'Exercise doesn’t have to be mundane...Philly Rabbit Run..Run as fast as a rabbit through the Philadelphia Zoo', From the Color Run to Tough Mudder: 20 obstacle courses and fun runs to get you moving; Mar 17, 2016,; The Inquirer, Daily News Sienna Vance 

'Shed some calories.  Make some room for the candy with the Philly Rabbit Run 5K', From barleywine to Peeps dioramas: 10 ways to celebrate Easter in Philly; Mar 24, 201,, The Inquirer Michael Harrington.

'Stretch your legs and enjoy some exercise in the beautiful weather at the Philadelphia Zoo!', Top 5 ways to celebrate Easter 

'This enjoyable run takes place during Parkinson’s Awareness Month…', Great Spring Road Races to Kick Off Running Seasons.  Mar 9, 2015 Laurie Fanelli Tom’s of Maine Good Matters Blog

'Don some bunny ears…', PW’s Weekend Picks Outdoors. Mar 25, 2016 Philadelphia Weekly.